Monday, March 26, 2012

More Portraits

Oh my gosh.  Y'all are absolutely photogenic.  If there were more time, there would be much better pics.  As is, you should enjoy several of these.  Some wear uniforms, some do not.  All serve.

Do you think somebody is excited to be in port?

First kiss.  Family reunions begin.

These next 4 will show you how a photographer saves a pic.

Time for warm welcomes home.

Was there any doubt?

All too soon, it is time for logistics.

Absolutely my favorite pic of all for the DW.  Her expression says it all.  Those sailors all deserve our awe.

Ahhhhh, the photographers.  Those who capture moments in time.  Thank you all.

Daddy?  Daddy!

Sir, with all due respect, I apologize for only having these two pics of you.  You move fast, and this is the only thing gotten from your blurred images.  I turst your sense of humor will appreciate these all the same.  (At your leisure, sir, you and your family may have more pics, free.  This offer is good to all Mayport sailors.)

You guys look good in your uniforms, but the ladies trump you all the way.  You wouldn't have it any other way.

Come in uniform

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