Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sea Otter Pavillion

Well, here I am in the middle of moving, and finally available to the computer again.  (We are buying a house, and it is a bit of interuption.  Please excuse me.)

Here are some more wonderful pics of y'all.  Y'all are just wonderful to edit and post.  I wish I had more, time and pics to do for y'all.  Without delay, hear they are.

Bearer of prizes.

This one is approaching life with enough enthusiasm for several of us.

This is one of the portraits I am learning to edit and remove backgrounds.  Perhaps the woman in the pic would care to contact me.  I will then be able to send her the link of updated image, which will look incredible (personal opinion not withstanding).

She was so interested in the numbers, more than the prize.  She reminds me of a girl in a Norman Rockwell painting.

He's not starving, but you would think that was the most wonderful hamburger the world ever saw.  He was serious.  Check out all three pics of him.  He was a very nice young man, and tolerant.

Definately boys enjoying the evening.

The idea started out so small and innocent....

Then things began to escalate....

Until no semblance of control, even remotely, remained.  They lost it all.

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