Friday, April 13, 2012

Last and Some of the Best

Finally, 365 pictures are posted with this posting.  It concludes this opportunity to post for the DW.  It has been all pleasure on my part.  It is rare to take so long to get photos this good, and some of y'all have waited a good while to get such good portraits.  Although this concludes the posting of photos, it does not conclude the life of the blog.  You and your family and friends may return often to it.  Thank you for sharing such wonderful DW events.  I would love to do so again, and with quicker turn around time, due to recent upgrades here.  A special thanks to those who serve upon sheets of grey, and those who man their watches during their absences. 

You two mke a sweet couple.  Love is a wonderful thing, when it's real.  I speak from experience as a sailor,and navy wife of 22 blissful years.

CWO, your portrait came out well.  I would be happy to shoot more free, photos of you when your schedule provides room.

No need to define this sailor's mood.

This photo shows me a sharp looking sailor.

Nice portrait.  Print it out, and set an appointment to have more made, including your family.

This is a great image.  One of my personal favorites.

Americans come in all shapes and sizes.

Chief, this is a good portrait of you.  As with all the sailors and their families aboard the DW, I continue to offer free photography, if you email and request a time and date, to  This offer is applicable to all Mayport military personell and their commands.

This is a good Chief's mess photo, for a brag wall.  When the Chief's Mess needs free photos, contact me.

You think this child is happy to see his sailor daddy? 
You haven't seen anything yet. 
Keep scrolling.

We're getting somewhere, but he's not really excited yet.
Keep scrolling.

As a parent, isn't this just what you wait for?  There are too few of these moments in life.  Having had the opportunity to share in this experience was heartwarming for many, many days to come.  Children's faces truly say it all.

This family portrait moment was a surprise to all of us.  It turned out well.  They all know how to rise to the occasion.  I suspect the youngest is well acquainted with cameras.

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