Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My DW Homecoming

Well, if you found me here, you are definately ready for the DW Homecoming.  Yippee!  This is where the pics will be downloaded.  This works the same way as the Chick Filet Night (www.mychickfiletnight.blogspot.com).  NO NAMES.  The internet is not the safest place.  Share the site with those you want to see your family.  Print what you want, keep what you want.  They are yours for the taking.  God owns the copyright, and I am His tool.

Each event/project I take of y'all, will have its own location on blogspot.com.  It allows you to look at the specific events you want to see.  A list of all the links to the events, will be listed on each blogsite, for all to find their way around with ease.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this.  I am thrilled to.  Wonder if I will travel out by tug, or dingy.  Be back soon with your pics.  Bye for now.

Robbin Neff

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